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Anthony.R.Brown Wed Oct 27 2021 at 2:51 am
The A.R.B Connect 4 (8x8) Computer Program Challenge 2021
The A.R.B Connect 4 (8x8) Computer Program Challenge 2021

Check out the latest final Challenge 2021 version of my program and message version 20102021 below...

Note! this version has a New! option Match mode (Normal) and Risky mode (Risky :) )

The idea behind the Risky mode is for... if an unbelievable situation arises :) in a 10 game match,and my program is losing ? then I will switch to Risky mode because the program has nothing to lose! and maybe in a Draw situation at 6 / 6 as I would rather try to Win than share the 2021 title :)
Risky mode will play the unusual first move lines starting at A1,B1,C1 and F1,G1,H1 the programs AI has a good chance of winning with the built in AI ?

A.R.B :)

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