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Peter Swinkels Sun Mar 10 2024 at 5:06 am
Success, but now I would like to know more about object files.
Alright, I successfully extracted object files from *.lib files. Now I would like to know if it is possible to extract the raw binary code inside an object file. I already succeeded in forcing a compiler to just compile an object file and managed to extract what looks like raw binary code:

00000000  58                pop ax
00000001  5A                pop dx
00000002  5B                pop bx
00000003  52                push dx
00000004  50                push ax
00000005  FF360000          push word [0x0]
00000009  FF37              push word [bx]
0000000B  CB                retf

This appears to be the code for CALL ABSOLUTE which I extracted from an executable compiled from an object file which was extracted from QuickBASIC 4.5's BRUN45.LIB.

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