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syn9 Sun Nov 12 2023 at 8:51 pm
Galaxion Trade Empire
Hey everyone, checking in after many years. I hope people are doing well. I was thinking tonight about how I miss feeling like I was part of a community way back in the day and thought I'd check in and share something. We've been doing game jams every 4 months over at the Game Developer's Refuge, an old forum from back in the qb/fb/allegro days, around the same time Pixelation came into being.

Last month some members came down to my place in Florida and we had a lil game jam. I made this game in the Rust language and it's about ready to share for alpha. For some reason Rust gives me similar feels to how I felt in the early FreeBasic days where there were very few games but lots of activity.

It's heavily inspired by Trade Wars 2002. I've been keeping a pretty thorough devlog on the Rust GameDev discord server and will post it online with the alpha. Here are some images. All background and portrait art is temporary prototype art using AI art tools to save time. I'm almost 120 hours of work into it so far and it's mostly feature complete.


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