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basicgames Sat Nov 12 2022 at 2:20 am
Pebble language and compiler
Pebble is a programming language, compiler, and IDE for x86 DOS.

The compiler is written is QBasic and produces Flat Assembler code. Fasm is included along with a wysiwyg IDE written in QBasic. The IDE produces and executes compilation batch files. The compiler may be ran without the IDE.

When a program is compiled, the result is a .com file. The .com files start at less than 200 bytes. Inline asm is supported to allow support for unimplemented features.

The IDE allows you to compile and run by pressing F4. Files must be loaded or saved to compile and run from the IDE. Several example programs are included with the .peb extension. The included examples come with compilation batch files, so the IDE is not required.

Nested if/endif statements are supported. Echoing text doesn't require defining the text. The language currently only supports integer variables. For now, only simple expressions of one operator and two operands are accepted.

More info and download:

Ps. Thanks for the Flat Forum. I am using it for my support forum.

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