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subxero Mon Feb 25 2008 at 1:51 pm
Version, uhm...
actually, the file I've got just says "Norton Ghost 2003.exe" -- it's pirated, of course :-)

I did use Winimage, however, to make a bootable Ghost CD since I can't boot from a floppy on this machine (I decided to completely ditch floppies a while back. Which sucks, because I needed them when I installed XP a few days back to get Windows to see my damn SATA drives) ... I can't remember the exact process for making the disc and making it work properly. Sorry. I know there are guides out there but I didn't follow them.

Unfortunately, that means that the Ghost backups aren't self-bootable. I have to use my Ghost CD, then tell it to restore, then insert my DVD. And that works fine.

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