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agamemnus Thu Nov 8 2007 at 9:50 pm
Ok, I used exec a bit and it seemed to work.

Actually, I'm was having problems opening files with a program of mine that I compiled in FB on the server and I was using cron to compile the program and then modify it... I tried a lot of different paths...

I figured out that my current directory always seems to be "home/fsoft", so I opened the file for example like so:

Now, though I am not getting any email messages (eg: from crontab). I don't know if this means my program is working, or if it is making such a terrible mess that it can't even send email output to me.

Also! I noticed that windows explorer's ftp interface sucks terribly. I couldn't copy files between my subserver's folders (had to copy to my HD first) and it seemed that copying a (linux) exe confuses the ftp connection... sometimes the new file (let's say "whosonline") doesn't change from the old version, even if the old version is deleted from the server and I copy in the new version... I had to keep changing names to whosonline2, 3, etc.. (I could rename in the server afterwards and it was OK)

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