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subxero Fri Nov 2 2007 at 5:24 pm
Nope, but pretty close. You may
be able to try again if you got bored. I made the "OS" its own VMware image - it runs under DOS. DOS boots, autoexec.bat starts Accelera and that's that.

I also got it to compile under FreeBasic with "-lang qb" - I had to make a few changes here and there but nothing serious. And alas, it runs. Really, really, really well (Under QB, I had 9000 engine loops/second average. Under FB, it's around 400,000.)

I can't get Accelera version 2 to run (the wicked awesome one) because of the way the Future.Library did its VESA calls -- I've never gotten them to work under any virtualized OS. It's not crashing - I can see a mouse pointer but it's very distorted and that's all. Hitting escape works properly - it stops the engine and drops to DOS. Any ideas?

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