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Plasma Tue Oct 30 2007 at 6:42 pm
I've used it twice
Once was on a friend's laptop. The hdd has some bad sectors and Windows wouldn't even boot. Ran SpinRite and it "fixed" about 90% of them, allowing Windows to boot and the guy to get his data off it before sending it in to Dell. ("Fixed" because I don't really think the hard drive was repaired, just some trick to make the sectors readable. And who knows how long it lasts, I never trust any hard drive with visible bad sectors, because that means the spares are already all used up...)

The second time was on an old 4gb WD drive I was putting in a 486. ScanDisk didn't report any bad sectors, but the drive would pause once in a while like it had to read some sectors multiple times. Ran SpinRite and it totally _destroyed_ the drive. Took about 4 hours, thrashed it to death, and when it finished NO sectors were readable.

So...YMMV. Personally, I wouldn't use it unless you can't already read the drive.

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