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Darkhog Sat Feb 3 2018 at 3:18 pm
QuickBASIC help?
So I've been wanting to make a DOS game for a while now and I've decided to use QB 4.5 with DirectQB and BWSB (because DQB's sound engine sucks) as TP7.0 has poor graphics capabilities by default and you'd end up doing much asm work anyway, I hate C with burning passion (not for the syntax, but because one wrong pointer may send you on a goose chase through modules that have nothing to do with where ACTUALLY crash occurs but are reported by the debugger anyway, and that's modern compilers/debuggers, not djgpp/turbo c) and asm is too hard for me.

So I have few questions:

- Any tutorials regarding DirectQB other than manual (which is hard to find precise function in because it's a huge text file - didn't try PDF version yet, maybe it added links, idk)? Ditto for BWSB
- How do I use multiple libraries with QB? Do I use multiple /L <library> switches on initialization?
- Is there QB-like DOS IDE that has a proper syntax highlight and still access to QB context help and which will support QB4.5 development (not that important other than the fact that Turbo Pascal kinda spoiled me with its nice syntax highlight when I was younger)

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